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Welcome to the latest edition of the Social Capital Newsletter. Social Capital is an intangible asset at the heart of a new and dynamic view of success, one that is changing business and the world as we know it. No matter what you sell, there is likely a hardworking team of people behind it. In "Human Capital Is Inextricably Linked To Success," TC Industries' CEO Harold McDowell explains why investing in developing the career skills of everyone on your team is not only the right thing to do but can also help create a more profitable and sustainable company. His firm operates according to a unique formula, based on growing people and Servant Leadership. Every team member is committed to helping anyone who works with them to grow professionally. It's one reason the company has thrived for more than 77 years. If you're looking for inspiration for your own workforce development efforts, you'll find plenty of fuel here.

Human Capital Is Inextricably Linked To Success

Grow your people, grow your business: Cultivate a culture of servant leadership, says TDIndustries CEO.

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Can Social Capital Save Us From The Robots?

Companies that put people first integrate AI and tech into society responsibly.

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A Catechism For Business: Tough Ethical Questions & Insights From Catholic Teachings

At a time when many people are looking for greater meaning and purpose in their work, "A Catechism for Business" offers a Catholic perspective on the social issues that affect many Social Capital companies. Editors Andrew Abela and Joseph E. Capezzi offer takeaways from Pope Francis's teachings on questions such as: Do we have the right to private property? How do we overcome unjust economic structures? Is it ever acceptable to do something immoral in business in order to achieve a greater good? Although some answers may not be directly relevant to readers of other faiths, A Catechism for Business provides stimulating food for thought for any Social Capital reader. For more on the role of faith in the modern workplace, check out "Keep The Faith--At Work."


Looking for a new workout that'll inspire you to get you outside? Consider trimming your lawn with a planet-friendly manual mower. It's a great way to squeeze in some exercise while keeping your property looking great. One of our faves: the Clipper USA Push Reel Lawn Mower ($676.95), made in an Amish sustainable living community in the U.S. And for more on sustainability, see "Underwater Lab For Profit Uncovering Secrets To Save Humanity."

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Helaina’s ‘Alternative Baby Formula’ Aims to Empower Parents: And founder Laura Katz hopes to disrupt all healthy eating by adding immunology. (Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter so you don't miss any stories like this here.)


American workers' job satisfaction has hit an all-time high, according to new research from The Conference Board, with 62.3% of respondent saying they were satisfied in 2022. One driver: Improvements in work-life satisfaction. It's one more indicator that the policies Social Capital companies embrace are moving the needle in the American workplace.  Or, as some might say, Social Capital is winning.

Social Capital in Action

Robots and automation are transforming the workplace, but they don't have to usurp simple but powerful pleasures like enjoying nature. Outdoor gear maker Cotopaxi makes that easier for many of its customs. For a close look at the philosophy driving this fast-growing company, see "This CEO Is Leading The Charge To End Poverty."

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