Newsletter Nov 20, 2023
SEC Douses Hopes Of Spot Bitcoin ETF In 2023, Delays Decision On Multiple Applications

Bitcoin surged to an 18-month high last week when it traded above the $37,000 price level as industry analysts revealed that the commission has an eight-day window to approve all spot BTC ETF applications.

'Sam Destroyed It All,' Former Mentor Of Bankman-Fried Debunks 'One Of His Many Lies'

Aside from debunking one of the "many lies" of Bankman-Fried, Harrison also noted that there were several "sound and promising businesses" being built prior to FTX's bankruptcy but "Sam destroyed it all."

Fidelity Matches BlackRock's Move In Crypto World With ETH ETF Filing

Unlike BlackRock's spot ETH ETF filing, Fidelity's application did not trigger a massive surge in the price of Ether since the crypto asset was on a downtrend when the news broke.

Worldcoin Crypto Recovers Lost Gains Amid OpenAI Drama Involving Founder

On Sunday, WLD experienced a gain of 22% after a price drop of 12% following the news of Altman's removal as CEO of OpenAI and from its board Friday.

Fluent Finance CEO Discusses Deposit Tokens And Importance Of 'Secure, Stable Growth' Of Web3

The Web 3.0 market, despite its innovations and growth, is still in its nascent stages.

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