Newsletter May 26, 2023
Robert Kiyosaki Says US Is Bankrupt With $250 Trillion Debt, Asks People To Invest In BTC

Kiyosaki said gold, silver and Bitcoin are the best hedge against the incoming crash.

DeSantis Promises To Protect Crypto And Abolish CBDC, Predicts BTC Will Die If Biden Gets Reelected

"I think people should be able to do Bitcoin," DeSantis said as more than 6.5 million people tuned in to his campaign launch.

Bitcoin Plummets Below $26K As Stronger Dollar Abates Investors' Appetite For BTC; Liquidations Hit Over $120M

Investors currently have a myriad of macroeconomic concerns, including the ongoing negotiations on the debt ceiling.

Ripple CEO Says Court Ruling On SEC's Lawsuit Could Be Out In Weeks

The CEO previously said that Judge Torres might make a summary judgment decision before the end of Q3 2023 since the case has been fully briefed and the judge had all the pertinent details to come up with a verdict.

DCG Announces Shutdown Of Institutional Trading Unit TradeBlock Over 'Crypto Winter'

DCG, one of the many casualties of the spectacular collapse of the controversial crypto empire FTX, disclosed that it lost more than $1 billion last year.

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