Newsletter Jun 24, 2022
Binance Teams Up With Cristiano Ronaldo For A Multi-Year NFT Partnership

Registered Binance users in select countries will also be able to purchase the collections using Binance Pay.

Shiba Inu Stands Out In Bearish Market; Price Surges While Major Cryptocurrencies Nosedive

Shiba Inu Games is also set to launch in the Q3 of this year with PlaySide Studios and William Volk at its helm.

Top Cryptos Trade In Greeen But Bullish Run Unlikely, Believe Experts

Meme cryptos Shiba Inu and Dogecoin trade higher too.

Terra's Kwon Speaks Up; Oblivious Despite Crash Costs Him 'Almost All Of His Net Worth'

"I’ve since lost these bets, but my actions 100% match my words. There is a difference between failing and running a fraud," Kwon said.

DeFi Has Weathered This Crypto Storm Convincingly. Now It Needs To Raise Its Game

The dominant DeFi platforms today suffer from several major shortcomings that have prevented them from going mainstream and deterred the entry of traditional financial institutions.

Shiba Army Says $BONE Listing On Binance Imminent After Exchange Enabled Token's Price Tracking

With the Shibarium launch probably imminent, the Shib Army is hyped about the developments within the Shiba Inu community.

Uniswap's Gas Fees Dominated That Of Ethereum Over The Past Few Days: Here's Why

Uniswap's gas fees has surged by a significant amount in the last few days, peaking on June 15 at $8.36 million, beating Ethereum's $7.99 million paid in gas fees on the same day.

eBay Acquires UK-based NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin

Since its founding, KnownOrigin has seen significant growth as it has revolutionized the way people create, buy, and sell NFTs.

Criminals Prefer DOGE For Terrorism-Related Activities, Vending CSAM

"To date, the Doge address used by Cliptomaner has received almost $29,000, demonstrating the potential profitability of these campaigns – especially when considering a wide range of assets," a report read.

What Are Coin Mixers And How Are They Used For Money Laundering

Cryptocurrency mixers or tumblers are used to break the on-chain link between deposit and withdrawal to make transactions more private.

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