Newsletter Jun 23, 2022
Tether To Debut Stablecoin Pegged To The British Pound Sterling In July

Tether has announced the launch of a new stablecoin called the GBP₮ which will be pegged to the British Pound Sterling in a 1:1 ratio.

Crypto Winter Forced Bitcoin Miners To Sell All Outputs In May; Higher Sell-Off In June Predicted

Digital asset broker GlobalBlock analyst Marcus Sotiriou opined that the sell-off trend could be attributed to "profitability decreasing with increasing electricity prices, adding that miners are "forced to liquidate some of their Bitcoin to cover operating costs."

Binance Connect And Trust Wallet Team Up To Boost Crypto Adoption

Binance Connect will now be added as a payment option by Trust Wallet.

How Web3 Can Rebuild The Trust That Today’s Social Networks Have Squandered

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become immensely powerful through disempowering their users, the very people who give the networks value.

Coinbase To Remove Coinbase Pro And Combine All Operations Under One Roof

Coinbase will be "sunsetting Coinbase Pro to migrate all advanced trading into one unified Coinbase account." 

Shopify Brings 'Tokengated' Commerce For Merchants

Shopify brings a number of features under its Consumer to Connect (Summer 2022), including tokengated commerce, a new experience for merchants and customers.

Top Investor Bails Out Crypto Companies Battered By Market Turmoil

Bitcoin billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried stepped in to rescue a pair of struggling cryptocurrency firms at a time when many crypto-industry players are being hammered by some of the harshest turmoil seen by the market in years. 

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